Integrate Grabbitt into your event, venue, store or organization using your existing technologies.

As a vendor Grabbitt not only helps increase sales, donations and information distribution, but it also provides you with customer behavior data that is often hard to measure. You can track exactly how customers interact with your products, and most importantly..when, where, and on what device.  This holy grail of information will help inform future events and marketing efforts.

Some of our existing customers have used Grabbitt in the following ways:

Bands on Tour:

The beauty of Grabbitt is you have the ability to sell on the spot without having to keep the inventory in the bus. In addition, if your users are using more than one app to navigate through your products, that’s not a problem. With Grabbitt, we link your fan’s mobile app to all of your merchandise from your existing online store with our APIs.


Scavenger hunts have become more common throughout the 21st century and this serves as a very lucrative opportunity for museums and festivals alike. Creating interactive scavenger hunts with associated product placement allowing the user to purchase on demand while continuing the scavenger hunt.





Trade Shows

Museums / Non-Profits


Golf Tournaments